(**DENTED BOXES) XesRay Studio Combatants Fight for Glory Wave 2 (5 Figure Set)

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**Boxes may have dents but the figures are new.

Wave 2 includes 5 figures from the epic XesRay Combatants line plus a Bonus shoulder armor.


Marcus Marius Avitus
Nickname: Victor
Ethic: Roman
City: Pompeii
Group: Brutus
Nickname: Beetle
Ethic: Gaul
City: Neapolis
Group: Calidus
Nickname: Squasher
Ethic: Celtic
City: Rome
Group: None
Gaius Pontidius Stolo
Rank: Praetorian Prefect
Ethic: Roman
City: Rome
Group: Empire
Praetorian Guard
Nickname: Jackals
Ethic: Roman
City: Rome
Group: Empire